This year the Albuquerque Sunport invited the Placitas Studio Tour to fill the glass cases on the lower level corridor to the underground parking lot. The show promises to be as colorful and diverse as our tour, and will hang during the entire month of August. Pieces in this show are not available for sale at the Sunport, but you are welcome to contact the artist to arrange for a private purchase later.

33   Dorothy Bunny Bowen   38   Harriet Neal
8   Denise Elvrum   9   Dave Newman
16   Joan Roberts Garcia   40   Linda Novy-Doll
12 Tricia George 39 Elizabeth Potter
5 Colleen Zacharias Gregoire 25 Gayle Reinhart
41   Linda Heath   34   Judith Roderick
21   Karl & Mary Hofmann   2   Dana Roth
32 Jim Holley 45 Dianna Shomaker
4   Katherine Irish   11   Geri Verble
6   Karen Jacobs   51   Erica Wendel-Oglesby
27   Mike Kimball   23   Fehrunissa Willett
47   Bev Nagy   18   Daniella Willett-Rabin

The Placitas Studio Tour operates under the auspices of the Placitas Mountaincraft and Soiree Society, a non-profit organization benefitting the arts and arts education in Placitas, New Mexico.

The Placitas Studio Tour is registered as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation in the State of New Mexico

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